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World Class Child Health

Children are special and we give world-class treatment for them in our hospital employing the latest advancements in medicines.


Pediatric Oncology

Pediatric Oncology is focused on the treatment of childhood diseases affecting blood and other tissues.


Pediatric Cardiology

The treatment focusses on cardiac catheterization & cardiac surgery apart from non-invasive testing and evaluation.

We specialize in Pediatric Care

Our experts will take care of your child...

We care for the Child and the Mother. Apart from regular obstetric services, Pediatric Surgery, Neonatology, and Microbiology facilities are added. We are a well-equipped hospital with state of the art facilities. The Department of Pediatrics at our hospital follows international protocols and standards to cover an entire spectrum of health-care procedures to children in their growing age. We consist the whole set up special intensive care units for critical and complex cases of Pediatrics and new-borns.

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The first step of the toddler

When babies take their birth, it is a whole new world ….

They open eyes, they crawl, they walk, they talk, and they begin to develop relationships. Your toddler has so many things that they want to see and do, and we will be there to guide you to take care of your child in every step of the way.


Immunization Schedule

Kids are highly susceptible to getting diseases and infections, mainly in their early years. This is mainly because their immune system as for them it will not fully be developed yet. So, it is very important to vaccinate them regularly as per doctor recommendation.


Balanced Diet Chart for Children

It is essential to take care of your Child’s diet as it helps them to have a Healthy Growth. Here is a Chart we recommend.

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